The Upgrade by HE Group

The ultimate level of awareness is knowing that you can always advance. We are here to help!

HE Group provides a flexible, all-in-one tool for anyone willing to take their life and business into their own hands. The Upgrade is one of a kind, in-house, Google Sheets tool made and managed in Google Drive that can help you take control.

You don’t have to be a finance, accounting, management, or HR specialist. Anyone can operate the tool upon the setup - whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or the president of a country. But while everyone can apply for it, HE Group decides who will get it.

Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the old systems and bring innovation and simplicity to entities worldwide!


How do we know that it works?
We use it as well!

The Process


You apply for The Upgrade by HE Group


We book a consultation upon your request


If you get accepted, you issue the payment


You work with a HE Group representative to set up the tool


We teach you how to upgrade it based on your needs

You get the latest version of the Upgrade available on the day of purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t want the product to fall into the wrong hands or for the wrong purposes. If your project isn’t aligned with our vision, you won’t be able to get The Upgrade for your system.

Anyone willing to improve their processes and understand the bigger picture of their project can get The Upgrade. It doesn’t depend on your niche, education, or skills but on your state of mind.

There is a single prerequisite: You should be willing to take full control of your processes and understand how it all works.

The Upgrade is a 100% unique solution, unlike any other on the Internet. It doesn’t feature a standard UI. It’s more of a mentorship and skill-developing program that will teach you how to manage your flows.

You will encounter a one-time payment of $10,000 for The Upgrade.

If you need support, contact us and book an appointment with your representative. All you’ll need to do is buy them a few coffees for their time.

We offer support if you are stuck with the Upgrade and only in the first month upon purchase.

Unfortunately not. We adjust and customize The Upgrade to fit your unique requirements and system. At the same time, we familiarize you with it and teach you how to operate it independently. Upon the initial setup, you are essentially on your own.

You will receive the version available on the date of purchase with everything we are using up to that moment at HE Group. We are committed to continual improvement and work on The Upgrade daily. However, since it’s a one-time purchase, you shouldn’t expect to get the updates.

In rare cases, if you stay around, your HE representative can decide to share an upgrade with you, but that’s not a given.

If not, you can reapply in the future and get the newest version of The Upgrade as of that date.

Yes, we offer a custom solution for personal development limited to the most loyal HE Group believers.

We will create a system, much like a game setup, where you can develop your character over the years; you can input your body statistics, photos, and health stats, such as sleep time, fasting data, hormones, stress levels, and more. It’s a custom, highly beneficial solution based on your lifestyle because it enables you to track your changes over the years, from 20 to 50 and beyond.

The second level of the Upgrade will help you check whether you are moving in the right direction. By timely detecting the critical areas of your well-being and lifestyle, you will be able to address them efficiently and eliminate the negative effects, thus allowing you to reach and maintain your full potential.