Two patriotic individuals who fought in WWII portrayed on a transparent background with a flag in the background, as a representation of the Greatest Generation.

The Greatest Generation

  • Also known as G.I. Generation or World War II Generation
  • Lived through WWI, fought in WWII, and witnessed the Great Depression
  • Patriotic, conservative, brave, modest, loyal, committed, honest, trustworthy, responsible, and reliable

Who Is the Greatest Generation?

The Greatest Generation, sometimes called the G.I. Generation or the World War II Generation, is the demographic cohort between the Lost Generation and the Silent Generation. This generation got its name from the 1998 book “The Greatest Generation,” by Tom Brokaw. The former NBC Nightly News anchor and author admired this generation’s willingness to do the right thing and proclaimed them the greatest generation produced by society. Today, the youngest members of this generation are nearly 100 years old.

Defining Events for The Greatest Generation

Members of the Greatest Generation were born during economic prosperity with distinctive cultural transformations and technological advancements. However, they witnessed a strong turn of events in later years with the Great Depression, a decade of economic turmoil. These individuals also lived through global unrest with WWII, shaping them into a responsible civic-minded group.


All members of the Greatest Generation lived through the Great Depression. They were also the primary generation of enlisted forces in World War II. Those who didn’t fight contributed to the war effort on the home front.

While men fought in the war, women supported their families and country, making the Greatest Generation one of the bravest and most sacrificial. Those who returned from WWII proceeded to form families, end poverty, and rebuild communities and the economy. These individuals learned how to withstand hardship and build a better world.

Other Defining Events:

  • World War I And World War II
  • The Great Depression
  • Progressive Era - Widespread Social Activism and Political Reforms
  • The Roaring Twenties in Music and Fashion
  • Experienced the Deadly Spanish Flu Pandemic
  • Souring Economy and Worldwide Income Inequality
  • Incredibly High Unemployment Rates
  • The Wall Street Crash Of 1929
  • Golden Age of Hollywood

Characteristics of The Greatest Generation

The defining events have led most members of the Greatest Generation to:

  • Feel personal responsibility to leave a legacy and a better world with more opportunities
  • Become problem solvers upon the WWII and economic crisis
  • Live modestly and save compulsively – the Greatest Generation has maintained low debt and used more secure financial products due to fear of another unexpected downturn
  • Prioritize work before pleasure, develop a strong work ethic, respect authority, have grit, and be driven
  • Develop integrity, be honest, honorable, and trustworthy
  • Become conservatives, patriots, and team players
  • Commit and self-sacrifice, be loyal to their country, employer, marriage, and family

The Connection With Tech!

The Greatest Generation witnessed rapid technological innovation, including the first commercial radio broadcast in 1920 and the spread of telephones and cars. The radio’s popularity immensely influenced the daily lives of this generation while they absorbed news like never before.

The Greatest Generation has demonstrated concern for younger generations regarding technology, as it leads them away from communication and social interaction. This generation has experienced technology in another way. Unlike today, where smartphones and devices are separatists, the radio gathered the family members and was a collective experience for generation G.I.

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