The Logician

The Logician is an entrepreneur from scratch, a digital nomad, a businessman, a philanthropist, an investor, and a hedonist.

HE Group chose to power The Logician due to his mission to empower individuals worldwide to develop an open mind, educate themselves, and improve their effectiveness and efficiency. He has proven remarkable knowledge, management, and leadership skills, to the extent HE Group decided to appoint him as the company’s first-ever CEO.


Freelance Revolution

A studio image of the Logician wearing a black coat. He has a wide smile, posing on a clean background.

Tose Zafirov

Tose Zafirov is Macedonia's best bodybuilder and fitness influencer and the official representative of Mr. Olympia Academy in Europe and Olympia Gear Worldwide.

HE Group chose to power Tose Zafirov as we consider improving one’s physical state to be the first step toward realizing their full potential. Zafirov is on a mission to inspire people worldwide to complete their fitness transformation, reach their full potential, and become the healthiest version of themselves.


Fitness Revolution

An image of Tose Zafirov looking straight into the camera with his hands crossed. He is into the gym wearing a Mr. Olympia tank shirt.